Vegan tacos that taste and look just like pulled pork tacos!

Minimalist Baker delivers yet again a great recipe. I also browsed and used tips from other websites. It’s a bit time consuming, but well worth your efforts. Ingredients: 2x20oz cans young green jackfruit (in anything but syrup) – the Trader Joe’s brand has worked well for me so far. 1/4c BBQ seasoning: 2 TBSP brown…

Epic vegan chocolate chip cookies [need 24 hours notice]

I had given up on vegan chocolate chip cookies. Then I tried one more time and BOOM. These. They can be made without waiting overnight, but we tried both and the votes were unanimous for the 24 hours aged dough. The cookies will still be good if baked right away – but they’ll be that…

Oh, snap!

Oh snap! No nap it’s a trap Scratchy burlap The mouse whiskers are weather antennas.

untitled (January 19th, 2018)

One of the best advice I ever read about photography: always, always take a picture when you see it happen, right then and there. Don’t wait – because it won’t happen again.

Small talk

Is small talk the human equivalent of dogs’ butt-sniffing? I wonder.

Roasted butternut squash soup with curry

This makes a great Thanksgiving appetizer! Ingredients: 1 to 2 butternut squashes, depending on size, peeled, seeded, cut up 2 yellow onions, diced olive oil salt & pepper vegetables stock 1 tsp curry powder or more to taste for serving: toasted coconut flakes, toasted cashew pieces, scallions, fresh or dried banana slices Directions: pre-heat oven…

Low-fat baked tofu or tempeh

Moar protein! Moar protein!!! MOARRRRRRR! Well, you’re in luck because I have this super easy way to prepare tofu or tempeh – because let’s face it, these are great way to get some plant-based protein, but they can get super bland (and bitter, in the case of tempeh) . Ingredients: Packaged extra-firm tofu or tempeh…

Salsa-hummus tomatoe bites

Gather your favorite hummus, and your favorite salsa, mix in equal amounts in a small bowl. Slice some tomatoes (cherry, or small ones) in two, remove the watery seeds. Fill tomatoe halves with hummus/salsa mix, arrange on a serving dish, sprinkle some paprika, and DONE! With 33 seconds to spare. Yes! #5secondmeal