Salsa-hummus tomatoe bites

Gather your favorite hummus, and your favorite salsa, mix in equal amounts in a small bowl. Slice some tomatoes (cherry, or small ones) in two, remove the watery seeds. Fill tomatoe halves with hummus/salsa mix, arrange on a serving dish, sprinkle some paprika, and DONE! With 33 seconds to spare. Yes! #5secondmeal  


Why do I always seem to buy shoes in Seattle? Seriously, 3 pairs already.

High-Beam SUVs

I used to get so mad when I felt like SUVs would blind me on purpose with their high beams. Then I realized my car was just too short… #BeMoreSelf-Aware  

Mochi banana cake aka gooeyness heaven

I cannot even remember how I started researching and stumbled upon this recipe by Jenné Claiborne but I’m so glad I did. I followed a recommendation to get Mochiko sweet rice flour (easy to get on Amazon) and I could not wait to try when my package was delivered today. Amazon Prime really is the best $100…

Coconut bars, vegan + GF

As inspired by Oh She Glows here. I did not want to use anything processed, so instead of Graham crackers, I used the pecans that were supposed to be on top for the crust. Then, I ran out of chocolate chips so I changed things up a little in the custard as well. Finally, note that these…

Vegan cauliflower wings

Recipe courtesy of Minimalist Baker. Ingredients: 1 head of cauliflower, cut into florets For the batter: 1.5c whole wheat flour big pinch salt 1 tsp curry powder 1 TBSP tandori masala spice (recipe for home blend below) 1c almond milk 1c water For the sauce: (Make the below or just use bbq sauce) 1 TBSP red…

Avocado toast with za’atar

I ordered this during a work lunch, at Good Dish cafe in the basement of Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. Fancy, I know. It inspired me to make my own version. It’s my current snack obession. Too bad it’s not very portable! Ingredients to make your own za’atar blend: 2 TBSP sumac 1 TBSP  dried…