First post: guiding principles

I’d like to use this first post to lay out some guiding principles, about what this blog is intended to be like, both in form and contents.

  1. Short+Sweet – Death by words! I’ve given up on too many blogs because of that. I don’t want the same happening to us.
  2. Photography/Art=Awesome – I love it as a means to create beautiful things, to recall pretty imagery and to express myself when I cannot find the words.
  3. Delicious vegan recipes – One of my favorite subjects is vegan cooking for better living. I love to share recipes. I dream about opening a café some time.
  4. Happy+Healthy Living – Another favorite subject. Quality of life by means of meditation, exercising, connecting, making art… Whatever works.
  5. Nuggets of wisdom –  By way of inspirational quotes, or lessons learned.
  6. Random thoughts –  I like the music words do when assembled together, how they roll off the tongue. I also believe in writing in order to get one’s feelings out. For better and for worse. Sometimes, they will make no sense, sometimes they’ll be a little less obscure.