16-17th of October, 2021

Aquatic sunset 

Woodsy smells

The plum ressembles me


Authority, elegance

Ceremony – dance! Dance!

Till you can’t no more

Till your feet hurt

Till your calves are carved 

Dance! Dance! Till your lungs burn.

One time, one meeting.

Ichigo ichie 

My modern furoshiki fits in my pocket; it is made of metal, contains much, yet, is no container.

Brown bear staff 

for the song leader. 

Shake! Shake! 

Tchik! Tchik! Tchik! 

Tik tik tok 

I have maracas and a tambourine 

May I join?

– I’m joining!!

Mouse woman – let me see.

Where is the stalking panther in all this,

WHERE IS SHHHH… Where is she?

She’s here. She just don’t see herself.

So much guilt and shame and reject of she.

Let’s head to Richmond hill and make peace with all. 

The blue, the red –  the colorless and the dark, too.

All in 1.


Portrait of a place.

Portrait of glacé.


Mmmm. Mmmm. Everywhere. He is everything, He is everywhere. 

How can I forget.

I always forget!

I like dots better than triangles.

Those look like spikes.

Crimson spinning

Why am I so scared?

The orders of the night. Only pain for good art.


Things can get too creepy. In which case I have to stop.

The second floor is gonna ruin my experience. It almost did. I ran away.

Except the caterpillar suit.

We’re an excellent standard bet. We really are <3