Ladies, let your boobs bounce!

A short manifesto for sensible feminism

(Women’s magazines are not Gospel truth)

Obesity has been shown to act like the flu: if a lot of people around you are overweight, you face an increased risk of catching their disease.

Surrounding yourself, physically or virtually, with healthy people can inoculate you. Join a run club or an online group focused on fitness goals. If you go to dinner with friends and they pick the steamed veggies over the French fries, you have more chances to forego the fries yourself.

Remember that early Bridesmaids scene, when Annie has spent the night with Ted? She wakes up before him to put on her push-up bra and some make-up, and pretends to be asleep – Beauty and the bootie (call).

She must have read the same article I did, which advised to keep your bra on when you’re on top, to prevent the loss of cleavage that got you there in the first place.

Well, my lady friends… Let those boobs bounce! And stop believing what Marie-Claire or Glamour or Hollywood tell you.

Let your boobs bounce because guys love it and it’s a wonderful endeavor to do things that your man loves.

We’re different. We’re all awesome at various things (Having boobs is a pretty cool super power… For girls). It’s an ubuesque fallacy to want equity in all things, because we were just not engineered this way. If we could all do the exact same things, then why would there be two types of us? Nature’s got things pretty much figured out.

Feminism should be about embracing your femininity, not trying to beat men at everything they’re good at while ignoring what makes us special.

Credit: the photo is a screenshot from a great documentary called Cutie and the Boxer.