The things no one tells you

What the zucchinipple made me think of

In my family, and, to a lesser extent, in the culture where I am from, honesty is paramount. And I mean PARAMOUNT. As in your comment to that co-worker you don’t know that well about their new hair style ” Mmmm… Not sure that color works on you” type of paramount.


Honesty, high-above principle one is so proud to live by. Honesty, epitome of strong morals, that makes one feel so good for their spoken voice being so true to their inner mind.

Then, I moved to the US, and totally lived up to the rudeness that F… people are, because, ya know… The Truth, ya’all!!!

Then I met Andrew… Wonderful, amazing, beautifully-souled Andrew.

Sensitive Andrew, who taught me what is still today one of the biggest lessons in my life  (Not exactly all I have to show after almost 40 years, but still, pretty major!)

Sometimes it is more important to be nice than it is to be right.

My jaw dropped. I stammered and uttered but, but… The truth! The almighty truth, babe! The honesty! The righteouness! The Truth, with a big T?! [I was having a coronary here] – No? Not paramount? You sure? Dang. Mind blown.

We still laugh at how such an obvious fact had to be s.p.e.l.l.e.d out to me.

That’s right, Dad. You don’t need to have your friends forgive you because they know you don’t mean ill because you didn’t hurt them in the first place. Honestly (see what I did here?), who cares that you think their hair cut sucks? Validating their choices brings happiness to their life. Isn’t that a great goal to have every day – bringing happiness into other people’s lives?

By the way, that ties really well with the story you taught me of the little boy whose own father told him to hammer a nail in the fence every time he hurt someone. Add a nail, even when he did not mean it, and pull the nail after he had apologized… There was a still a hole in the fence.

What if our fences were hole-free to begin with?

What on earth, you may ask, does this have to do with the zucchinipple? Well, it made me think about what no one tells you because either they assume you know already (mistake!) or they decide for you that you don’t need to know (they’re not the boss of you!).

Like how spiralizing yields a zucchinipple – how much food gets wasted when spiralizing (Wasting food – major pet peeve of mine).

Like the crazy things that happen to your body when you have babies – I was very perplexed after my first hospital visit to a friend who’d just given birth. She sure looked like they had forgotten her child’s twin in there 0_o Like I said: no one tells you those things! Relevant link for those who understand F… (Merci, Clacla!)